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New Umarex Replicas for 2017

It’s that time of year again. Time to see what new stuff Umarex are planning for 2017. And some of it looks rather good…



The five best gun movies

fthumbIf there was an Oscar for the “Best use of firearms in a movie“, these would all have been nominees. Probably.




Tanio Kobayashi, the MGC M93R and the birth of Airsoft

mgcthumbMany people believe that the very first modern airsoft replica was the MGC Beretta M93R designed by Tanio Kobayashi in 1985. But, what led to the development of this replica?




The rise and sudden fall of the self-contained air cartridge system

Owning a particular type of previously legal replica air pistol in the UK will now get you a mandatory five year prison sentence. Which is a great pity because these were outstanding replicas.